No Ads. No Algorithms. Just You.

The safe and enjoyable alternative to social networks

  • No ads
  • No selling user information or content
  • No imposed ideology
  • Full content distribution to all of your followers - always!
  • Full control over who sees your content



A free market of ideas where discussion has purpose and guardrails.


A safe alternative for family and friends to interact and share content.


Combines key features found in Pinterest and Instagram for sharing images and videos.

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A Better Way To Do Social Media

Social networks connect us with our friends, our interests, our beliefs, and so much more. But the joy of connecting, sharing, and discovering has faded as the platforms have changed. Negativity and outrage have been algorithmically cultivated to keep us "engaged" longer and longer, but the range of viewpoints allowed get smaller and smaller.

For those who have had enough, there's Pictalk.