No Ads. No Algorithms. Just You.

The safe and enjoyable alternative to social networks

  • No ads
  • No selling user information or content
  • No imposed ideology
  • Feeds are always displayed in chronological order
  • Full content distribution to all of your followers - always!
  • Full control over who sees your content



A safe alternative for family and friends to interact and share content.


Combines key features found in YouTube and Pinterest for sharing images and videos.


A free market of ideas where discussion has purpose and guardrails.

Growing Community Through Groups

Pictalk Groups are a place for communication around common causes, issues, and activities. Groups let people come together, communicate their common interests, and share and observe related content.

Today, many social media users are looking for better options for online groups, and for good reason. From data privacy to ads, clickbait, and unannounced group closures… the list of concerns is long.

We believe a healthy platform should give group owners control to build a place their community members will love and engage with.

In addition, Pictalk offers financial opportunities not found elsewhere through Group Monetization. By enrolling in the program, Verified Group Owners can earn monthly payments based on the amount of Pictalk Plus users within their group.

This provides value to Group Owners and Pictalk by increasing user activity and Pictalk Plus enrollments. It also fosters the creation of exciting and engaging content that will grow the Pictalk community.

Pictalk Mobile group page