Created by a small group of developers who want to make a difference.

Using social networking apps always has a cost. Today's popular networks rely on revenue from the advertisers that pay for your attention. Increasing their revenue means increasing the way your interactions, ideas and privacy are turned into views. You're not a user, you're a commodity.

Pictalk offers an alternative way to enjoy social networking without the algorithms, ads and corporate politics that jeopardize your information and your ability to freely connect with others.

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The features and freedom to be yourself

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Still Not Convinced? It's Ok, We Get It.

You've likely spent a lot of time creating content and interacting with friends and family on multiple social networks; it's not easy to leave. We've all experienced the frustration and confusion of social networks that rearrange content or show you a steady stream of inflammatory topics.

Give Pictalk a try. We know you'll find it a more engaging and rewarding experience.